Reviews and streams of Great Falls: The Fever Shed

Very excited that press for the new Great Falls record is finally happening.  Looks like we will have the record in our hands mid-November.  Songs and full playlists are being streamed at various places, sometimes accompanied by interviews.  Thanks for your support, everyone! 

Decibel Magazine
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Invisible Oranges
American Aftermath

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Great Falls: The Fever Shed now available for pre-order!

Excited to let everyone know that the new Great Falls record, "The Fever Shed", is available for pre-order via the Init Records website.  Go there and click on "Releases".  Very excited that this is finally happening!  

Super proud of our work!  Thanks for all of your support.  Keep your eyes peeled for reviews and shows!

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Great Falls / Thou split 7" now available!

It's finally here.  The new Great Falls split with Thou is now available from Hell Comes Home.  Limited edition of 1040 with hand-screened covers.  Both bands do covers of Shellac songs.  Thou does "Prayer to God" from the "1000 Hurts" record, and Great Falls does "Wingwalker" from the "Uranus" 7".  

Decibel Magazine is hosting a preview of the record here - go listen!

Some additional shout-outs from OMGVinyl and Sludge Lord - thanks!

Our track was recorded by Jeffery McNulty and mixed by me, mastered by James Plotkin.  Stoked that this is finally available!  Please support!

The new Great Falls record, "The Fever Shed" is pending any day now from Init Records.  I am super excited and proud about our work on this one.  Cannot wait for the release!

Also, check the Events section, ongoing, for upcoming shows.  Great Falls has some good ones happening!

Other stuff: Great Falls Twitter.  Great Falls Facebook.  Great Falls Instagram.


Lots of new work pending!

In addition to ongoing work with Great Falls, there is a bunch of new work pending.  Feels great when my work goes out into the world; IT BELONGS THERE.  All of this stuff will be coming out for Debacle Fest this year, mostly for Debacle Records, Motor Collective, and Dead Accents.

For Dead Accents:

  • Great Falls: Live at Chop Suey 2013.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.
  • blsphm remixes.  Remixed, produced, mastered at soultheft_labs, 2013.
    Everything's a War v. blsphm.  Two remixes from blsphm's "Barter the Lashed" CD.
    • Tragic at Home (diversion, inhale mix)
    • Heaven's Morisco (beg my attention mix)
  • Tiny Vipers Live at the Josephine, 2012.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.

And for Motor Collective / Debacle Records:

  • Chris Davis, Live at MOTOR night.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.

Please support!  Go to shows!  Buy releases!  Repeat!



Something interesting to consider (10 mins)

I heard about this phenomenon - Logophobia - during an interview with Rodney Ascher, director of Room 237.  I guess his previous work before Room 237 was The S from Hell, a documentary short about Logophobia.  Searching Google for related info led me to this video.  Very interesting.  Someone said, "the medium is the message."  Interesting.

Finally done. Release date: Oct 4, 2013


Completed in late 2012, the new Great Falls record, "Accidents Grotesque" , will become available at our vinyl release show in Seattle on Fri, Oct 4.  Very excited about this.  Records (with download codes) will be available starting then.  Please visit Hell Comes Home, our label and distro in Ireland for purchases worldwide.  Thanks for waiting, everyone.  The record looks and sounds amazing.  Super proud of our work.  I played drums and did post-production.  

Gastronomy and cooking - Eggs!

For about the past year, I've been learning to cook.  I'm kinda good at it, it seems.  I've been reading lots of things and watching lots of things and I have been putting what I'm learning into practice very simply and easily in the kitchen.  Simplicity and first principles are key!

Last night, I saw this episode of PBS's, The Mind of a Chef.  The whole series' perspective is on the gastronomy side of cooking and food.  Very science-ey and pretty amazing; like artists and scientists who are very into the minutiae of what they do - how it's all connected, the technical details - not for the sake of, but with purpose and depth.  At a certain point, this low-level technical work and understanding is necessary, IMO, no matter the discipline.  I can totally appreciate the approach; I try to practice such things, myself.  There is always more to explore on any topic, more chances to go deeper and to notice more things and more subtle inner workings.

Anyway, this episode is mostly about Eggs.  That's it.  Eggs.  If you have only a casual notion of what cooking eggs is or what it could be, you are in for a treat.  Eggs benedict lovers, this means you.

Do check it out, regardless of whether you cook, as I believe there are lessons to be learned and applied to any pursuit you enjoy.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.  Oh, and please support PBS.