Simplicity is key. A handful of things make up the process of mastering. Do those things well and great releases are completed. I value timeliness and accuracy. While we work, I remain mindful of balancing independent and collaborative decision-making with artists. Overall, our work unites vision and technical accuracy - total coherence.

How do I do it?

It doesn’t get any simpler than these things. Good ears. Hard work. Caring touch. Small moves. Keeping your vision for your music clear and honoring that vision with every move at my console. I am very musical as well as very in tune with aesthetics. This helps to work toward a clear final picture.

Gear talk and all that

There is a lot of talk about how gear makes the sound and how it makes all the difference. I believe that to be only partially true. No gear works better than focused ears and focused technical abilities. Combining sounds using a palette of the best gear creates unique, clear, focused masters. I master mostly in the box, using top-of-the-line tools, pulling in outboard gear selectively when needed. The whole idea here is to listen with one’s ears. If it sounds right, then it IS right. In addition to my listening skills, I have the low-level technical know-how to make sure masters are where they need to be. I also have good recovery/troubleshooting skills for tough mastering challenges. I put in my time, make frequent drops, and move toward the best solutions in all cases, often presenting pros and cons of various choices that allow artists to decide what the final product is.

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