Lots of new work pending!

In addition to ongoing work with Great Falls, there is a bunch of new work pending.  Feels great when my work goes out into the world; IT BELONGS THERE.  All of this stuff will be coming out for Debacle Fest this year, mostly for Debacle Records, Motor Collective, and Dead Accents.

For Dead Accents:

  • Great Falls: Live at Chop Suey 2013.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.
  • blsphm remixes.  Remixed, produced, mastered at soultheft_labs, 2013.
    Everything's a War v. blsphm.  Two remixes from blsphm's "Barter the Lashed" CD.
    • Tragic at Home (diversion, inhale mix)
    • Heaven's Morisco (beg my attention mix)
  • Tiny Vipers Live at the Josephine, 2012.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.

And for Motor Collective / Debacle Records:

  • Chris Davis, Live at MOTOR night.  Mastered at soultheft_labs.

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