Great Falls / Thou split 7" now available!

It's finally here.  The new Great Falls split with Thou is now available from Hell Comes Home.  Limited edition of 1040 with hand-screened covers.  Both bands do covers of Shellac songs.  Thou does "Prayer to God" from the "1000 Hurts" record, and Great Falls does "Wingwalker" from the "Uranus" 7".  

Decibel Magazine is hosting a preview of the record here - go listen!

Some additional shout-outs from OMGVinyl and Sludge Lord - thanks!

Our track was recorded by Jeffery McNulty and mixed by me, mastered by James Plotkin.  Stoked that this is finally available!  Please support!

The new Great Falls record, "The Fever Shed" is pending any day now from Init Records.  I am super excited and proud about our work on this one.  Cannot wait for the release!

Also, check the Events section, ongoing, for upcoming shows.  Great Falls has some good ones happening!

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